Term 2 Excitement


Happy New Year everyone!

We are really excited about all of the plans on the go for term 2. There are tons of fun opportunities to get involved, attend events, and make UBC a more sustainable campus. Check out the term 2 descriptions for all of the teams below and, as always, don’t hesitate to email commonenergyubc@gmail.com if you want to find out more!

Challenges: this team focuses on energy conservation. In term 1 it runs the Do It in the Dark energy competition in first year residences and in term 2 it runs the WWF Sweater Day and Earth Hour events on campus. 

Dialogue: this team works very closely with UBC Campus Sustainability to conduct research for the new sustainability engagement strategy, In the past term they did a great deal of surveying and so with that data they will be conducting a number of pilot programs in dorm and suite style residences as well as offices. 

Tangible Solutions: this team is more flexible and adjusts each year to suite the needs of our campus. This term’s focus will be on implementing a Bottle-Water-Free UBC campaign and continuing the UBC’s Got Skillz DIY workshop series. 

Food: this team works on showing students why sustainable food choices are important and making such choices more accessible. This term, Food will be launching “Chefs on Campus” (an online recipe guide with menu items sorted by season, local ingredients, affordability, etc) and running the “Chew On This” conference. 

See you at the events!

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