In Common Energy’s 2015 Waste Audit, over 1000 coffee cups were collected from the recycling and garbage of the Student Union Building over the course of one day. Coffee cup waste is a large problem on campus. UBC’s large community of coffee/tea drinkers must become more sustainable.

Right now a Facebook photo contest is running to raise awareness about reusable mug usage, post/send us your “Mug Shot” on the Common Energy UBC Facebook page with your reusable mug for a chance to win an exciting prize! Submissions will be accepted until Friday October 23. Below is an example photo:


Official Facebook event:

This campaign’s goals are to:

a) Reduce the disposable coffee cup waste on campus

b) Increase reusable mug usage

c) Gain support for a potential MugShare program at food locations across campus in the coming years

We are aiming at achieving significant behavioral changes among coffee drinkers, which we acknowledge we may take longer than the campaign’s duration. The behavior shift we are striving for is a switch from disposable coffee cups to reusable mugs.

Below is a video Common Energy UBC collaborated with videographers Daniel Ngo and Natalie Murao on in March 2015 to raise awareness about eliminating paper coffee cup waste: