Common Energy UBC is one of the most active student-run sustainability organization on campus. We are made up of diverse individuals working to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of the UBC community. We aim to affect real change by building strong networks and working proactively with the University. We strive to foster leadership and engage our peers through innovative programming.

What our group does best is provide a space for emerging young leaders to develop their skills, meet like-minded people, and to become more adept at grappling with climate and sustainability issues, all the while making real positive impacts at UBC to achieve a sustainable future here and beyond.

Previously, Common Energy UBC comprised of five small teams (zero waste, refill initiative, food choice and climate change, green infrastructure, student energy) allowing for a community made up of several tight-knit groups. All of these are overseen by the Steering Committee which works to guide the organization. This year, we have made some changes and have decided to merge some of the subteams together to foster more community and collaboration within Common Energy. Currently, our organization has three small teams (zero waste, food choice and climate change, green infrastructure and energy)

For all of its existence, Common Energy members have influenced the progression of sustainability at the university. Through the work of our driven and devoted members, we have been instrumental in getting UBC to develop an official UBC Climate Action Plan, helped convince administration to pass the Sustainability Academic Strategy, convinced staff to install more water fountains, became an integral organizing body of the new residence energy competitions, helped influence the creation of the new Environment and Sustainability minor in the Faculty of Arts, facilitated campus-wide sustainability panelist events, and more.

Today, we stand proud of what we have achieved and are excited to continue working to integrate sustainability into all aspects of the UBC community.

Common Energy receives support from AMS Sustainability and is a member of the Global Lounge Network.