How to get involved!

Hello all you potential UBC Common Energizers!

Perhaps you’ve checked out our subgroups and now you want to get involved. Here’s where you can find us in September and join the Common Energy team!

Imagine – Main Event (September 6th 2:00-5:00pm) – Come by our booth at Imagine in the Sustainability Lounge during the Main Event! This will be your chance to chat with current Common Energizers and get the answers to any questions you may have. We’ll also have cookies and awesome goBEYOND water bottles for sale!

FarmAde (Sept. 16 3:00-8:00pm) – Check out this awesome event down at the UBC Farm and meet up with Common Energy there! To find out more about FarmAde see: We look forward to seeing you there! Again, we’ll be hanging out at the Common Energy booth.

Clubs Days (3rd week of September) – We’ll have a booth during Clubs Days in/around the SUB. Again, this is a great time to chat with current members, find out more, and pick up a free cookie!

One-on-ones (scheduled as you like) – These are quick informal meetings with members of the steering committee that allow us to tell you a little more about Common Energy and allow you to get any of your questions answered. One-on-ones also mean that you get to hear about each of the subgroups and start to figure out which one will suit you the best!

The Kick-Off (Sunday, September 25th 11am-5pm) – The annual Common Energy Kick-Off is the first time that all of Common Energy meets during the year. The day kicks off with some icebreakers, introductions to the Steering Committee, and info about the sustainability community at UBC. Then you’ll get to break into groups to chat with each sub-group and then you decide which ones you’re most interested in! Over lunch, the teams are decided upon and then you’ll have your first team meeting. After all that house-keeping is said and done it’ll be time for our first social of the year: biking around Stanley Park!

We hope to see you at one of these events and, if you want to be a part of the team, at the Kick-Off (which is mandatory for all members)!

See you soon,

Common Energy

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