The Refill and Reuse Initiative’s mission is to reduce, and eventually eliminate, single-use plastics. To do so, they develop, promote, and campaign for programs that provide reusable alternatives to all members of the UBC community.  Currently, their efforts are focused on launching and operating mugshare, an easy-to-use alternative to disposable, single-use coffee cups that allows anyone on campus to borrow a reusable mug for a fully refundable $2 deposit.  So far they have partnered with 7 different cafes on campus, including Blue Chip and JJ Bean!

Previously, the Refill and Reuse Initiative team has also worked closely with Campus & Community Planning to lobby for changes in UBC policy and contribute to UBC’s Water Action Plan, which includes efforts to improve water fountain signage and access to bottle refill stations. Other past initiatives include promoting the Eco-to-Go container sharing program in residences and running the Tap That campaign to encourage students to ditch bottled water.

To learn more about how mugshare works and find out the latest updates, check out their website at or connect with them on Instagram and Facebook!

Check out our video project from the last year’s Refill Initiative here!

Meetings Fall 2020

Time: Mondays from 4:15-5:15 pm

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