The Tangible Solutions team works to implement concrete and tangible projects that will bring about real change at the University, with a particular focus on raising awareness of simple ways students can live sustainably. It is a flexible group that it can support different projects each year and meet the changing needs of the University community.



UBC’s Got Skillz is a series of DIY workshops focusing on anything from sustainable gifting, herb planting, coaster making, upcycling materials and increasing sustainable behavior at home.

To complement the workshops, Tangible Solutions also put together a Green Living video.


Ocean Motion was a 3-day conference covering oceans and sustainability,  with topics including plastic waste, sustainable seafood, marine conservation. Each of the 3 days had a lecture/presentation session, immediately followed by an interactive and hands-on workshop, such as sustainable sushi-making.


The Tangible Solutions team has also organized other events, such as a ‘Dress Green for Halloween’ competition, a ‘My Fair Valentine’ Fair Trade chocolate promotion, and a clothing swap.

In the past, Tangible Solutions led the installation of the waterbottle filling stations throughout the Student Union Building through a student-driven SEEDS Project. It was all the team that first started and led the Tap That campaign.