The Events and Outreach team addresses behaviour change at the collective level. Events and Outreach works to mobilize people to come together to works towards a common goal: a strong culture of sustainability. Collective action through events, contests and fundraisers unites individuals and builds a culture of sustainability.

By building strong communities that work together, we can move toward a more sustainable future!



National Sweater Day is a one-day national initiative by the World Wildlife Foundation to encourage Canadians to turn down their heat by 3 degrees and wear a sweater to symbolize their commitment! Common Energy has been running an annual Sweater Day event at UBC since 2011.


Earth Hour is a one-hour global recognition of a need for climate action. On the last Saturday of March, people around the world turn off their lights from 8:30-9:30pm to symbolically show their support for action against climate change. Common Energy has been organizing the UBC celebration of this event since 2011.


One of Common Energy’s newer events, Winterfest is a way to bring the UBC community to come together and breathe some life back into UBC’s outdoor public spaces during a time of the year when the days are colder and darker.


During the 2014/14 school year, Common Energy organized a series of group hikes on the North Shore. Transportation was provided, making it easy for students to spend some time outdoors, particularly for students from outside of Metro Vancouver who have not yet had a chance to explore the area’s hiking trails.