The Campaigns Team uses campaigning and very tangible solutions to make real change on the UBC Campus by engaging the UBC Community and getting it to actively participate in larger sustainability issues at UBC.



Tap That UBC is a campaign for more alternatives to bottled water on campus. It kicked off in 2013 to collect signatures for a petition calling on the University to agree to the phase-out of the sale of bottled water on campus. The petitions was ultimately successful, with over 3000 signatures presented to the University, which led to the creation of the Tap Water Declaration Working Group campaign

The campaign has continued on since then, with it now focused on raising awareness and educating students. To keep up with Tap That updates, make sure to check out the Facebook page!


In 2014, the Campaigns team conducted a waste audit of the SUB by sorting through almost 400 kilograms of waste. The goal was to get students to see the volume of waste produced at the SUB by observing how much waste was correctly sorted and mis-sorted and making note of some of the problems the SUB may be facing which are obstacles to good student waste sorting practices.

Based on the success of this initiative and the Sort It Out campaign, a new Zero Waste team was formed, and this team will now be taking on the organizing of the Waste Audit for the 2014-15 year.