This year’s steering committee consists of members across all faculties who are enthusiastic and passionate about promoting sustainability on and beyond campus. We are excited to meet you all and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Angelica Tso


Hi everybody! I’m currently in my 3rd year in the Global Resource Systems program in LFS! I discovered a passion for environment and sustainability halfway through my university degree and decided to switch my major/faculty which was one of the best decision I’ve ever made to this day. I’m especially interested in climate justice within sustainable cities and exploring how climate change disproportionately affects marginalized communities. Last year, I was a co-lead of the Refill Initiative and I’m super excited this year to be able to work alongside everyone to inspire greater change for this planet! In my free time, I am an avid food photographer (follow my food adventures on instagram @foodyblogs!) and I hope that I can use my platform to shed a positive light on vegetarian food and sustainable food choice!

Mauricio Trujillo


Every movement needs fuel, and Mauricio is thankful for being able to assist sustainable development and social justice by financing sustainability, currently within the energy sector. Mauricio Trujillo is a third year student, pursuing a career in International Relations and Commerce. He/They wholeheartedly believes multilateral cooperation between governments, institutions and people can lead to a nearly unimaginable world in which sustainability is at the core of our belief systems. Localized action should be informed by its global impact and vice versa. Some interest include the intersection of peace keeping, climate justice, and energy transition as well as climate & worker focused financial reforms through the lens of the SDGs and ESG metrics.

Christine Mohan

Assistant Director Internal

Hi, I’m Christine. Most of the time wayfaring the halls of Sauder as a student in accounting with a sustainability and social impact concentration. Drawing comparisons in terms of sustainable environmental practices, between where I was born and the places I lived internationally have perhaps been the biggest contributing factor in my interest to learn about how business operations and sustainability can effectively intertwine. When there is time to spare from hitting the books, I like to be at home cooking, Sometimes be outdoors too if the weather allows, on a hike or skiing.

Sara Niyyati

Assistant Director External

Hi everyone! I’m Sara, and I’m currently a 2nd year student in the Faculty of Science majoring in Biology at UBC. I love sketching, knitting, sewing, and going for runs in the forest trails around my house. I also enjoy cooking and baking (but am not necessarily good at it, and can kind of make a big mess)! I first became interested in sustainability and environmental issues after watching the documentary Cowspiracy. Since then, I have been trying to take part in sustainability initiatives and adopt more eco-friendly habits as much as I can!

Salma Said

Global Lounge Officer

Hello everyone! I’m Salma and I’ll be this year’s Global Lounge Officer. I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina, and my family is Egyptian. I’m a second year in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems – I’m studying Global Health and Nutrition in the Global Resource Systems program. I’m also a part of the Bachelor + Master of Management Program through UBC Sauder. I’m passionate about topics in human rights and social justice, including environmental justice and community development. I love podcasts, my very cute cats (they’re brothers!), meeting new people, and Vancouver, among many other things. I am so excited to work with Common Energy this year and get to know you all!

Mark Leung

Co-lead of Green Infrastructure

Mark is in the 4th Year of his Major in Geography [Environment and Sustainability], and is concurrently rounding off a Minor in Geographic Information Science and Computation. Naturally (Hah!), Mark is thrilled to be a part of Common Energy’s tradition of student driven hands-on sustainable change at UBC, and he eagerly pines to meet kindred souls of like Earth-loving inclinations, share in ideas of transformation and nurture the communal ecology. In his leisurely time, Mark enjoys camping after a nice hike, writing for his planned novels, headbanging to metal, and rolling critical fails in D&D. If you see Mark on campus, don’t hesitate to say hi!

Elektra Dakogiannis

Co-lead of Green Infrastructure

Hi! I am an honours Physics student! I am interested in Green Tech, sustainability, zero-waste, climate justice, and more initiatives. I believe in using science to minimize (or ideally eliminate) our negative effects on the environment. I am (almost) always down for a hike, run or any activity in nature!

Monique Guevara

Co-lead of Zero Waste

Hi! I’m Monique and I am studying Psychology while minoring in International Relations. I’ve been involved in Common Energy since my first year and am now in my second year of being a part of the Steering Committee. Some of my favourite hobbies include watching documentaries, making art, reading, being in nature, thrift shopping and trying new plant-based restaurants. I am always looking for more ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle and am particularly passionate about environmental justice, the relation between food and climate change, and zero waste. I am excited to meet and work with all the like-minded and passionate people from Common Energy this year!

Jenny Goren

Co-lead of Zero Waste

Hey! I’m Jenny, one of the new coordinators for the zero waste committee. I am in third year as an applied animal biology major in the faculty of LFS. I am super excited to be a part of new environmental initiatives on campus, like campus clean ups. My hobbies currently include going to the beach, gardening, and playing catan! P.S. not my bunny unfortunately :/

Chris Mok

Co-lead of Refill Initiative

Hi everyone! My name is Chris and I’m a second year Behavioural Neuroscience student! I joined Common Energy in order to work more closely with other environmentally-passionate students in the local community and help spread awareness about sustainability in our daily lives. I enjoy working on sustainability projects and have been doing so since my days as a youth ambassador in my local community, especially with waste diversion. I look forward to working with the Refill Initiative in the upcoming year in reducing single-use plastics and containers as this is one of the biggest ways individuals can make a positive impact in waste reduction. On the side, I play and watch sports (primarily basketball), and as a pianist I love music jam sessions. In fact, I’m currently learning to produce music as well! Anyways, that’s enough about me; can’t wait to meet the new team!

Caitie Wells

Co-lead of Food Choice

Hi!! My name is Caitie and I’m super excited to be joining Common Energy this year!! Here’s a little about me!! I’m #vegan4life cuz animals are dope and I love to hike and camp and just chill outside, so if anyone wants to invite me…….I will always say yesss! I’m majoring in environment and sustainability, so if anyone out there is taking some geo courses….help me. Thrifting for kinda ugly clothes is also very exciting to me. Anywaysss, I’m so excited to continue to make UBC a more sustainable community, and hopefully we can all make some friends while we do it!! Let’s go CE!!! Wooo hooooo!!

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