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Karolina is a third year Geography and International Relations student. Her engagement in Common Energy stems for her determination that it is our responsibility to tackle the environmental issues as students.

She has spent a considerable amount of time working with environmental issues, especially regarding pollution from agricultural production. Having lived in Costa Rica, a nation presenting a massive commitment towards sustainability, she had the opportunity to gain real experience of sustainable practices in action. This includes both practical experience working at organic farms and more theoretical approaches such as conference forums. The combination of these experiences, has convinced her that Common Energy’s holistic approach towards sustainability is the way forward.

During her spare time, Karolina adores skiing and bonding with family and friends.

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Isabelle is in her third year of her Chemistry degree.  Previously, Isabelle has conducted research exploring diesel divestment in the Canadian Arctic.  Furthermore, she has also interned with a micro-grid financing company that aims to help remote Arctic communities decrease their diesel dependence.  One day she hopes to work in the intersection of renewable energy technology and chemistry, but for now she’ll settle for taking naps at various libraries across campus.



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Alex is a fourth year student majoring in Anthropology.  She’s in Common Energy because of her passion for the intersection of social and environmental justice. She runs a pop up sustainability market on campus called Reuse It Market to try to contribute to the solution. This year she hopes to support students in Common Energy and beyond so that we can educate people at UBC and be part of the process of making lasting change on campus.

If you’re around Alex at all you know she’s always humming, sometimes show tunes, sometimes Ariana Grande, sometimes jazz standards. If her spare time you can find her thrifting with her sisters, writing letters to friends, or watching decluttering videos on YouTube.

Check out @commonenergyUBC on Facebook and Instagram


screen shot 2019-01-07 at 6.36.47 pmEmily is a a fourth year Engineering student who is passionate about yoga and recycling. She is intrigued by how the civil engineering industry can reduce its large environmental impact through changes in practice and design and how sustainable infrastructure material can be better integrated in design and construction. She loves swimming in the ocean, petting all things furry, and chopping onions.





Each of Common Energy’s 4 teams are guided by two co-coordinators that provide committee members with the tools to actualize events and and initiatives.


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Sarah is a third year Global Resource Systems student with a focus on sustainable international development. She is very passionate about how social issues intersect with sustainability. Along with working on MugShare with the Refill Initiative to reduce waste, she is always stoked to talk to anyone about sustainable and ethical textiles. This is Sarah’s second year with Common Energy, and she has been so thrilled to continue to work on MugShare and see it grow. She loves the community that Common Energy has to offer, and hopes to see everyone out at Big Teams (and the After Party, of course)! In her free time, you can find her biking by the ocean, prancing around the mountains, and getting excited about every dog that she sees.


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Melanie is a PhD student in physical oceanography that studies mixing in the ArcticOcean. She is fascinated by the Arctic’s unique and complex environment that somehow manages to be both extremely isolated from and intrinsically connected to climate change, large-scale ocean circulation, and tons of other weird, cool things. She’s been in school for a LONG time, but that’s okay by her. At the end of the day, she’s just a science nerd that is thrilled by the opportunity to ask questions about how the world works (and try to find some answers!). Melanie is also passionate about trying to find solutions that integrate sustainability into all aspects of life, both personally and in the community – which is why she loves being part of Common Energy. She’s particularly interested in zero waste living, diet choices, and renewable energy, and is inspired by the idea of small local movements evolving into the kind of social pressure that actually changes societies. When she isn’t working or volunteering, you can usually find her exploring Vancouver’s beautiful backyard with her energetic, adventuring-seeking pup! She already loved camping, hiking, and swimming, but her adorable mutt just makes all her favourite things better.




Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 3.17.05 PM.pngMiranda is a second year biology student. This is her first year with Common Energy as an Emerging Green Builders Coordinator. She is extremely passionate about sustainability and strongly believes in the importance of environmental education. While she may be new to the topic of sustainable building, she’s excited to learn with her team about topics such as urban planning, energy conservation, and social justice within Vancouver communities. In her spare time, you can find Miranda exploring Vancouver, going for a swim, or volunteering at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. She can’t wait to see what this year has in store!



screen shot 2019-01-15 at 11.17.28 amTaelynn is a third year Urban Forestry student minoring in Landscape and Recreation Planning. She is passionate about integrating the built environment and nature for human welfare and ecological health, as well as to create cities that are more sustainable and resilient to climate change. In her spare time, she enjoys long walks around the city, playing badminton and watching documentaries.


Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 7.30.09 PM.pngShalen is in her third year of Global Resource Systems with a specialization in sustainable urban development. She is extremely passionate about sustainability, particularly in the intersection between social justice and climate change. In the past, she was involved in the Sustainability Ambassador program and is currently a Worklearn student at UBC Sustainability Initiative. This year, she is very excited to work with the EGB team to increase student awareness and involvement by expanding the topic of a sustainable built environment to include issues of spatial justice and urban sustainability. In her spare time, you can find Shalen reading, baking, going for a hike, or petting as many dogs as possible.



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Daniel is a coordinator with Student Energy and he is a first year student in the B+MM program looking to major in Environment and Sustainability. He has a wide variety of interests in the field of sustainability which span from agriculture to urban planning. While he may not admit it in person, the only thing he loves more than a double chocolate cookie and a glass of warm milk is reading and discussing economic solutions to problems in sustainability. He’s a big fanboy of Paul Krugman and invites everyone to join him in his religious fellowship of this supposedly brilliant man. Daniel can often be found trekking, climbing or skiing over the weekends and enjoys out-of-body experiences beyond the realms of writing a self-introduction in third person.


screen shot 2019-01-08 at 3.06.45 pmMarisha is a 2nd year student in the Faculty of Science from Ottawa, Ontario. After completing the Science One Program in her first year, she is currently majoring in Behavioural Neuroscience and plans to minor in Health and Society. She is interested in the intersection of public health and the environment, and is especially interested in the clean energy sector! This is her 2nd year with Student Energy, and is excited to co-lead the team this year. She can often be seen around campus leading tours as a Student Ambassador or organizing events for the UBC Neuroscience Club!



Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 7.32.18 PM.pngAllison is a third year Global Resource Systems student studying nutrition and plant sciences. She’s interested in genetics, biotech, and agroecology, all in the context of asking: how do we feed 10 billion people by 2050 under a warming climate, sustainably?! Side hustles include journalism, thrift shopping, and soon-to-be-djing




screen shot 2019-01-10 at 11.32.07 amCassie is a second year student majoring in Political Science and minoring in Environment and Society. She is passionate about climate action and finding political, economic, and social strategies to address environmental issues and promote a more sustainable society. You can find her exploring Vancouver’s vegan food scene, reading up on Canadian politics, scrolling through the Dogspotting group, and finding new ways to incorporate sustainability into her everyday life. She is extremely excited to have the opportunity to promote sustainability on campus through food choices and for all that is to come with Common Energy this year!



headshot-ssc.jpgMichelle is in her final year of the Global Resource Systems program, specializing in Food Justice and Zero Waste. Michelle is an eco-feminist passionate about social justice, sustainable food systems and creating connections with the food we eat and all living beings. She aims to promote awareness about current pressing issues we are facing as a society to incentivize conscious decisions and collectively join forces to create a better world.




screen shot 2019-01-11 at 11.56.01 pmReed is in her final year of an environmental sciences degree, minoring in applied plant and soil biology. Her spare time is often spent skiing, looking at her house plants, and talking about her dog, Henry (ask her for pics). Reed’s passions include advocating for improved environmental regulations and resources, reducing our society’s dependence on single use plastics, and the development of more sustainable agricultural systems. This is Reed’s second year with Common Energy, and she is especially looking forward to furthering her knowledge of UBC’s waste processing system.