The very first Winterfest took place in the fall of 2014, organized by the Events and Outreach team to encourage the community to spend time outside, even in the colder months. The event is a unique outdoor celebration that inspires creativity, fun, and awareness on how to be sustainable during the wintertime.

During the day, an outdoor booth offered free hot chocolate and included a crafts table hosted by the Tangible Solutions team, with activities such as paper snowflake-making and mason jar painting.

Initiatives 2

At night, the booth transformed into a cozy gathering space for students, with the hot chocolate and crafts continuing on in the candlelight. The atmosphere was kept lively with musical performances by Luke Wallace, the Blank Vinyl Project, and even some beatboxers. Food was also provided, courtesy of Sprouts and the Agora Café, and a photo booth made it possible for people to have some group pictures taken as the evening went on.