Hi All! We’re the 2013/14 Steering Committee for Common Energy UBC. The Steering Committee is made up of the Director, Assistant Director Internal, Assistant Director External, and each of the team Coordinators and Co-Coordinators. We oversee the “big-picture” vision for Common Energy and work together to facilitate connections between teams, plan larger collaborative events, and build community within the broader team.

  • Director – Amy Jiang
  • Assistant Director Internal- Jason Farra
  • Assistant Director External- Corina Santema
  • Events and Outreach Co-Coordinator – Hayley Bessette
  • Events and Outreach Co-Coordinator – Amrit Jawanda
  • Residence Coordinator – Kai Okazaki
  • Tangible Solutions Co-Coordinator – Shiori Ito
  • Tangible Solutions Co-Coordinator – Swinzle Chauhan
  • Food and Connections Co-Coordinator – Abby Hsiao
  • Food and Connections Co-Coordiantor- Lindsay Roberts
  • Campaigns Co-Coordinator- Yuha Bae
  • Campaigns Co-Coordinator- Veronika Bylicki

Get to know the team!


Director – Amy Jiang

Hello! My name is Amy and I am a fourth year biology student. I am originally from Oakville, Ontario, but I’ve been proud to call Vancouver home for the last 3 years. I am interested in animal biodiversity, and my enthusiasm for sustainability initiatives led me to join a Common Energy team in my first year. Since then, I have been inspired by the dedication and passion of all of our members. This is an organization that means a lot to me because of the action we take and community we create.  I’ve been a Team Coordinator, the Assistant Director, and in my final year at UBC, I am excited to be serving as the Director. Aside from being involved in Common Energy, I can also be found exploring tide pools or riding my bike.

Assistant Director Internal- Jason Farra

Hey folks! I’m Jason and this is my second year as both an Arts student and a member of Common Energy. I’m originally from Surrey, where I also worked on sustainability projects in high school. I was part of the Tangible Solutions team last year (Tangies, represent!) and am really excited to continue working on making our campus more sustainable through my role as one of the assistant directors. I enjoy staying involved with a variety of things, so I’ve been part of things like the Tap That campaign, an ultimate team in the UBC REC league, and Imagine Day. I’m known for sleeping through things like earthquakes and fire alarms, but I particularly enjoy discovering interesting music and cool art in my spare time. These days, I can usually be found on campus munching on granola bars or sipping some coffee (from a reusable mug, of course).


Assistant Director External- Corina Santema

Hi! My name is Corina and I’m a fourth year Food, Nutrition and Health student in the faculty of Land and Food Systems. I have been a member of the Challenges team in my first year, Co-Coordinator of the Challenges team in my second year and Coordinator of the Food team in my third year. I love food, camping, volleyball, event planning, sustainability and meeting new people. If I’m not hanging out with the Common Energy crew, I can be seen promoting the SLC, The Calendar, helping out with the LFSUS and giving campus tours.


Events and Outreach Co-Coordinator – Hayley Bessette

Hello! My name is Hayley and I am a third year student at UBC. I am in Microbiology and Immunology and know way too much about cells.  I have always been enthusiastic about sustainability and so when I heard about Common Energy I knew I had to check it out.  I joined last year and was able to help organize and run events such as Sweater Day, Do It in the Dark, and Earth Hour.  Outside of school I enjoy hiking, camping, and cooking, and I always have a new series going on Netflix.  This year I am a co-coordinator for Events and Outreach and I am very excited to meet all the new members and start planning exciting events!

Events and Outreach Co-Coordinator- Amrit Jawanda

Hi everyone! My name is Amrit and I’m a fourth year science student, majoring in biology. I joined Common Energy last year and couldn’t be happier with my decision. The motivation and enthusiasm within the club definitely impressed me! Outside the classroom, I enjoy playing soccer (when I’m not injured..which seems to be hard to avoid for me), cooking, and EATING. I am thrilled to be able to co-lead Events and Outreach this year with Hayley. I think as a group we’ll be able to do some amazing things on campus. I look forward to meeting you!

Residence Coordinator – Kai Okazaki

Hi everyone!
My name is Kai Okazaki and I am currently a 4th year student in the Science & Management program with the Faculty of Forestry. I grew up in the small town of Jasper National Park in Alberta and came over to the West Coast to pursue my undergraduate in the beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Currently, I am the Student Coordinator for Sustainability in Residence at the Campus Sustainability Office (located in the CIRS building) working on projects such as co-directing the Do It In the Dark Energy & Water Conservation competition in first-year residence, leading the Annual Sustainability in Residence Program and Give & Go Move Out Campaign to name a few.Throughout my time at UBC, I have been involved in the Tap That UBC campaign, Board Member of the New SUB Committee, Board Member of the New SUB Sustainability Group, Anthem Singer for the UBC Thunderbirds, one of the featured artists for the Blank Vinyl Project (http://blankvinylproject.ca) and many more.
 Things about Common Energy:
– Liaised with Common Energy on the Do It In the Dark Competition
– The Steering Committee is always such a wonderful bunch of Green Keeners and environmental leaders
– A group of vegetarian/vegan/meat-conscious students
– You’ll love everyone, period.

Tangible Solutions Co-Coordinator – Shiori Ito

Hi there! I’m Shiori, a third year Forestry student studying Natural Resource Conservation. This is my second year coordinating Tangible Solutions, and I’m super excited to bring sustainability into people’s lives in unique and fun ways. I’m from Japan and I fell in love with how sustainable Vancouverites are (just as much as I fell in love with Timmies) when I came here two years ago. At UBC, I’ve been involved in the Forestry Undergraduate Society and Orientation programs, as well as Intramural Volleyball. I joined Common Energy last year and I’ve really enjoyed meeting likeminded awesome people (and fellow foodies <3) from all sorts of backgrounds. In my spare time, I love baking cookies, playing the ukulele, and attempting to snowboard. You’ll usually find me frolicking in the forestry building with my favorite trees:).


Tangible Solutions Co-Coordinator – Swinzle Chauhan

Hi everyone! My name is Swinzle and I am a third year Environmental Sciences student at UBC, also hoping to double-major in Human Geography. I am an International Student from India, though I was born (and grew up) in Penang, Malaysia. I’ve always been very enthusiastic about the environment and sustainability, though this is my first time with Common Energy (though my water bottle was flaunting the ‘Tap That’ sticker for quite some time before I joined). I’ll be on the Tangible solutions team this year and I am really looking forward to that! I’m known to be perpetually hungry (big foodie!) and I also love reading a good book, trying DIY things at home and travelling to new places!

Food and Connections Co-Coordinator – Abby Hsiao

Hello! I’m Abby and I’m a 4th year LFS student majoring in Nutritional Sciences. I was on the foods team last year and am honored to be a co-coordinator of the Foods Team this year! I would like to confess that I am an absolute rookie cook but my love for eating is what drives me to learn. Especially in learning to make meals in a sustainable, healthy, and creative way. I was born originally in Taiwan then lived in Indiana when I was 10 for about 5 years, then moved to Vancouver 6 years ago. Thus, I carry with me, lots of memories of different foods. Besides CE, I’m currently on an event planning crew in UBC REC and have been working at the UBC Birdcoop gym for 3 years now. Needless to say my experiences at UBC has been tremendously valuable thanks to all these opportunities for involvement. I’m a shameless horoscope fanatic and you can find me still lost on campus even after 4 years of being here.


Food and Connections Co-Coordinator – Lindsay Roberts

Hey y’all!
My name is Lindsay and I’m a 4th year Geography major specializing in Hydrology. This is my second year in Common Energy and as Co-coordinator for Food + Connections, I’m excited to encourage the dialogue between students and UBC concerning locally-sourced, sustainable FOOD! I’m from the Lower Mainland and have coordinated a water conservation outreach program to protect and conserve one of the world’s cleanest and most accessible drinking water resources! I’m passionate about making proactive changes, instead of mitigating environmental impacts. My favourite UBC event is Day of the Longboat, and you can bet I’ll be racing again this year! When I’m not studying, I love socializing with friends, listening to music, staying active and getting out in nature any way that I can!
 Campaigns Co-Coordinator – Veronika Bylicki
On its way!
 Campaigns Co-Coordinator – Yuha Bae
My name is Yuha and I’m a 3rd year student studying Natural Resources Conservation. I’m originally from a small town in Korea, but moved to the lower mainland when I was in elementary school and have been here since. I’ve fallen head over heels for the nature of British Columbia, which is why I want to make our society more sustainable to ensure that not only us but also that our future generations get to experience the beauty of BC. I’m brand new to Common Energy, but I’m stoked to be co-heading the campaigns team. I’ve been involved with a lot of different organizations on campus, and currently am a part of UBC REC, the Sigma Chi Fraternity, as well as UBC Rezlife as an Advisor in Totem Park. In my spare time you’ll surely find me near an ocean because I love to swim! I’m excited for this year with Common Energy!