Shakti is in her 4th year at UBC, and has recently switched directions to pursue a major in Geography, with an Environment and Sustainability concentration, after 3 years in engineering. She cares about climate action that recognizes the urgency of climate change and the intersection of social justice and environmental issues. She has worked as a Sustainability Researcher for the City of Surrey, designed and taught a course on climate science and sustainability for middle school students in her hometown in rural southern India, and has participated in a Students on Ice expedition to Antarctica.

In her free time, she likes to read, cook experimental vegan meals, change majors, and appreciate dogs. Contact her to talk about politics, why you should go vegan for the environment, and where to find prime café study spots!



George is a 3rd year Hons. Economics student and has been involved with Common Energy since he started at UBC. George says “I’m passionate about environmentalism because I care deeply about the people and things on this planet and am worried humans will ruin everything”. His hobbies include meditation, bird watching and fine vegan cooking.


Aishwi is a third-year, science student studying Microbiology and Immunology, and  Public Health! She is extremely passionate about finding solutions to global warming, marine and land waste, and spreading community awareness. She’s also the Founder of Vancouver’s Largest Clothing Swap, an event dedicated to reducing the amount of toxic waste produced in landfills as a result of textile accumulation by encouraging the recycling of materials. When not occupied with school and Common Energy, you can find her performing Indian classical dance professionally, dabbling with some yoga, and drinking excessive amounts of tea. If you have any ideas for Common Energy to take on this year, or want to know more about the organization, send her a message at! She’s extremely excited for what this year holds for Common Energy.




Candice is a 3rd year student at UBC. After 2 years as a Chemistry student she has decided to make a switch and pursue her interests in sustainable materials and plastics in Materials Engineering.  She has been a part of Common Energy since her first year at UBC where she joined Food and Connections (now known as Food Choice and Climate Change) as a team member and found her passion for sustainability. Now you will find her behind the scenes of Common Energy social media making a buzz about CE and all things Green in effort to raise student awareness and involvement in sustainability around UBC. In her spare time Candice loves to do yoga, try new coffee shops and attempt to advance her beginner rock climbing skills.

Check out @commonenergyUBC on Facebook and Instagram



Each of Common Energy’s 4 teams are guided by two co-coordinators that provide committee members with the tools to actualize events and and initiatives.




Flav is a 4th year International Relations major, in the Arts Faculty. As part of Common Energy his main goal this year is to make students realize their disposable bottle consumption in order to reduce it as part of a long term strategy to reduce consumption. Having lived abroad, and being an avid outdoors person he has become aware of the effects of pollution on the environment around us. Reducing our pollution is one way that could lead us to a happier life, and have a better environment for generations to come.



Melanie is a PhD student in physical oceanography that studies mixing in the Arctic Ocean. She is fascinated by the Arctic’s unique and complex environment that somehow manages to be both extremely isolated from and intrinsically connected to climate change, large-scale ocean circulation, and tons of other weird, cool things. She’s been in school for a LONG time, but that’s okay by her. At the end of the day, she’s just a science nerd that is thrilled by the opportunity to ask questions about how the world works (and try to find some answers!). Melanie is also passionate about trying to find solutions that integrate sustainability into all aspects of life, both personally and in the community – which is why she loves being part of Common Energy. She’s particularly interested in zero waste living, diet choices, and renewable energy, and is inspired by the idea of small local movements evolving into the kind of social pressure that actually changes societies. When she isn’t working or volunteering, you can usually find her exploring Vancouver’s beautiful backyard with her energetic, adventuring-seeking pup! She already loved camping, hiking, and swimming, but her adorable mutt just makes all her favourite things better.



IMG_6140Natasha is in second-year studying Environmental Science. In her spare time, you can find her exploring the forests and mountain peaks of Vancouver, figure-skating, or discovering new gluten-free cafes (chocolate cake is her weakness). Natasha is very passionate about sustainability and environmental awareness, particularly in the scientific aspect of research and technology, but also on a larger scale of urban planning and energy conservation. She says “I am so excited to begin the 2017-18 year leading EGB, and to all newcomers: welcome! CE is one of the most passionate, friendly, and inspiring clubs to be found at UBC.” This year she hopes to reach out to and educate more students than ever through engaging events, and continue to foster the close-knit and inclusive atmosphere of Common Energy.


IMG_6144Samuel is second year chemical engineering student, and this is his first year with Common Energy as the Emerging Green Builders Co-coordinator. He has a passion for sustainability especially in terms of energy processes, and wants to work with renewable energy and optimizing efficiency. Samuel was born in Seoul, South Korea, but grew up almost his entire life in Calgary, Alberta. In his spare time he likes to play basketball, rugby, and volleyball, go running along routes near campus, and stay involved in the UBC community. He says “Common Energy is such a welcoming and friendly club, and if you have a passion for sustainable living, please come join us!”




1919319_10205651365189451_5716128346983367986_nGanimul is in her third year studying environmental sciences, but says “please don’t ask what I plan to do with the degree afterwards.” This is her second year being part of the Steering Committee and she is stoked to see what this year has to offer! In her first two years of Common Energy she was part of the Events and Outreach team, where the major events consisted of Winterfest (hopefully we’ll have a 3rd annual one!) and clothing swaps. But she is switching it up this year with Food Choice and Climate Change and she can’t wait to see what CE brings to campus in the near future. Fun fact about Ganimul:  she says the absurdity of reality tv has her addicted.


12967338_10208572746933396_942814331258250892_oAbbey is a 3rd year Forestry (Natural Resources Conservation) student who is extremely passionate about nature, climate change and the future of the planet. When she is not studying trees, she love exploring the city, doing yoga and spending time with friends and family. Abbey’s goals for the year are to create real change on campus and collaborate with other Common Energy teams to make our impact even greater. She is looking forward to meeting so many kind-hearted and inspiring people and can’t wait to see what will be accomplished!




Sam is a third year student pursuing a major in Human Geography. At the moment his academic interests focus around the ways in which sustainability, and the environmental movement more generally, has the social and political power to unite people under a common frame. More specifically, talk to Sam about urban sustainability and planning, sustainable technology and innovation, political theory and progress, and anything related to philosophy. Outside of school Sam is either skiing, riding his bike, jamming to music, at a concert or having beers and a laugh with friends. Sam has a dream of being at the forefront of a future where sustainability becomes central to society on a global scale. However, if he wanted to choose a different path he would probably drop out and travel the world seeking the best skiing, surfing and concerts imaginable. Along with his role in Common Energy, Sam is also a Sustainability Ambassador for UBC and he is stoked for all the projects that he will get to be involved in this year. If you share his dream, are at all passionate or inspired by nature, or just want to make an impact on the UBC community by getting involved, join Common Energy’s Zero Waste Team!

IMG_6133Allison is a second year Global Resource Systems student looking to study the intersection between public health and our environment. She grew up reading the newspaper and poring over the photos in National Geographic, so her passion for protecting our Earth likely stems from the sights she has seen and experiences she wishes she could have.

She says “Some of our best technology (airplanes, solar panels) comes from mimicking things nature is already good at doing and I think that a zero-waste lifestyle is no different. The Earth’s processes are all cyclical – a resource that is used is always re-used in another form – so as a Zero Waste Co-coordinator, I’m excited to take on the challenge of building a zero-waste community at UBC, modelled after our Earth.”

Allison is also a writer for the Ubyssey and she tries to channel her inner yogi with the UBC Yoga Club. In her spare time, you can find her thrift shopping, going up and down the Wreck Beach stairs, or curled up in bed reading a book. Fun fact: ask her about bees