Take a nature break

7 ideas of quick & easy nature study breaks to take during exam season


It’s exam season. Our brains hurt, our sanity is in question, and our bodies feel deprived from spending countless hours on end sitting in front of a computer screen. But please, for the sake of your mental health, physical health, and even your grades, take a break. Mountains of literature show that physical exertion and fresh air have a positive effect upon brain activity. Taking an hour a day out of your study schedule may seem impossible, but it’s not. It’s not even a tradeoff. Studies support the fact that taking a fresh air break will actually increase your productivity and efficiency, thus easily making up for the hour or so you missed of pouring over textbooks and class notes. Here are a few ideas of stress-relieving, easily accessible, high-reward study breaks you can take this exam season:

  • Challenge yourself to find a Geocache on campus. https://www.geocaching.com/play
  • You know that small patch of forest between Hennings and Irving library? Go there. Put your phone in your backpack. Don’t touch your laptop. Sit on a bench. Breathe. Count how many different species you can spot (trust me, you’ll be surprised!).
  • Walk in Pacific Spirit Park- You can access the trails from many entry points that are less than a 5 minute walk from study spots on campus.
  • Check out the UBC Farm. Buy some produce. Feel the grass.
  • Eat your lunch outside. Anywhere. Let’s be honest, you’re not that productive while half-studying half-eating anyways. Take a few minutes to wander outside, soak up the fresh air, and munch.
  • Draw a tree. Simple but effective- stand up, walk outside, find a tree, take out a pencil and notebook, draw the tree.
  • Venture down to Tower Beach or Wreck Beach- Ideally for the sunset, but any time is better than no time.

So, take breaks this exam season. Take breaks that are outside. Take breaks that involve inhaling fresh air. Take breaks that involve sweating. Your sanity, brain and body will thank you!


Written by: Mila Mezei | Events & Outreach Co-coordinator of Common Energy UBC