Make an impact: Attend the inaugural Great Climate Race!


Here are the lovely faces you’ll se as part of the Welcome Team on race day!

We all hear bad news about Climate Change on a daily basis; we hear about worsening weather conditions, losing the Amazon forest, greenhouse gas emissions, corporations polluting rivers etc… This makes taking action such a daunting task! We often hear that it is corporations and politicians that need to do something about it, and that individual choices won’t make much of an impact. That is why the inaugural Great Climate Race is happening this Sunday November 8th and you are still on time to register! Registration online closes today, but in-person registration will be happening up until the actual day of the event.

The GCR was created by Ben West to change the narrative about the environment, aiming to give it a positive spin, encouraging people to not give up in the race against climate change. All the funds from the registration fees and money crowdfunded by participants will go to supporting local solar energy projects; this is super exciting because Bullfrog Power will match all the money to support the cause. The event is targeted to anyone and everyone who wants to join, with people being able to do a 2.5k or a 10k; our oldest runner is 80 years old and she is determined to finish the 10k!

It is the first-ever event of this kind because it is going to be completely solar powered and there will be no plastic cup waste, as all participants and volunteers will have their own reusable water bottles at the event. Also, there will be people from all over the world joining us “virtually” for the day of the event.

If you want to register or want more information about it, go to and remember you can always do something about climate change!

Written by: Ana Gargollo | Campaigns Co-coordinator of Common Energy UBC




Ana sent us some of the posters you’ll see passionate climate race attendees holding up on Sunday, we hope to see everyone there!