UBC Waste Audit of the SUB, 2015!

Think you’ve seen the last of your waste when you throw it in the bin? Think again.

Sign up for the 2015 SUB Waste Audit


Join Common Energy UBC and students from across campus in the annual UBC Waste Audit of the Student Union Building (SUB). Help sort through hundreds of kilograms of waste produced by the different waste streams in the SUB on March 5th, 2015.

There will be music, interactive booths and LOTS of waste – so we’ll need a lot of help sorting it!

Pull on a coverall, slide on some gloves and help sort, weigh and record what you find in the bins. The results will help us assess how we’re doing as students, users of the SUB and as a University, in reducing the quantity of waste we produce and the amount we send to the landfill.

Sign up to be a volunteer at the 2015 UBC Waste Audit of the SUB: sustain.ubc.ca/zw-audit-volunteers