Earth Hour 2012 at UBC

Earth Hour 2012 - Common Energy UBC

Earth Hour is an event celebrated by millions worldwide! At UBC, Common Energy and The World Wildlife Fund of Canada are hosting an outdoor talent showcase with acoustic music, LED Poi and Hip Hop dancing!

So there will be FREE local entertainment, FREE s’mores, FREE hot chocolate, candles, fun trivia, prizes and more!

Bring your blankets, your mugs, and your friends and come join us in this celebration of climate action!

It’s Fair Trade and I Know It!

Our Fair Trade mob was a huge success with over 40 participants and over 500 views in the first 2 days online!

The mob was organized by Common Energy UBC in partnership with UBC Food Services, Campus Sustainability Office, Fair Trade Vancouver, Engineers without Borders, and the UBC Bookstore. Big kudos to Rosalind for writing the lyrics and Rachel for coordinating our dance steps! Thanks to everyone who came out for it and a huge thank-you to Sam Pat for filming and editing the video.

Here’s the behind the scenes, too!

And if you’re curious, the lyrics:

“It’s Fair Trade and I know it!”

To the tune of “I’m Sexy and I know it” by LMFAO

Yeah, yeah

When I want to buy coffee or tea on the fly

Maybe a treat, bananas and coffee can’t be beat, yeah

But before I roll, gotta check the label under control,

Fair trade is the way to go, it’s how you should spend your dough!



Girl, look at that logo [x3]

Ah ah ah ah  it’s FAIR TRADE!

Boy, look at that logo [x3]

Ah ah ah ah it’s FAIR TRADE!

When I walk into class with my Fair Trade coffee

Everybody stops and they staring at me

My drink pays farmers right and I ain’t afraid to show it, show it, show it, show it

It’s fair trade and I know it!


It’s fair trade and I know it!

Time for fair trade y’all, UBC stores be selling it all

I ain’t trying to preach, but it’s a big lesson I’m here to teach

It’s the way to roll, pay farmers right for what they grow

Time to switch, don’t be nervous

Buy fair trade, at food services