Fair Trade Mob (March 5)

Common Energy UBC’s Tangible Solutions team produced the incredible Compost Mob back in November and it was so well received that now we’re at it again with the Fair Trade Mob! From March 5-9th UBC is celebrating its designation as Canada’s first Fair Trade Campus. See more info about the entire week’s events here.

Our Fair Trade Mob will be taking place on MONDAY, March 5th at noon. If you want to join us, come and meet us for dressing in costumes in the SUB meeting room beside the Deli in the basement. More details are on the facebook event page. The training day is Thursday, March 1st 12:30-1pm (for staff) and 1-2pm (for students) in the Vanier Upper Atrium.

Fair Trade is an amazing way to bridge the different components of sustainability: environmental, social, and economical. As the UBC Bookstore puts it: “Fair Trade is a different way of doing business. It’s about making principles of fairness and decency mean something in the marketplace. It guarantees the farmer or producer a fair price for their goods so they can live a decent life.”

And, if you’ve forgotten how much fun our first Compost Mob was, here’s the video:

See you there for rapping and dancing about Fair Trade!

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