Chew On This: A Week of Perspectives on Sustainable Food

This week (Monday, February 13th to Thursday, February 16th) we present Chew on This: A Week of Perspectives on Sustainable Food

Here’s the quick run-through with a longer description below: (Check out the Facebook event and register here if you know which one’s you’re attending! If not, just drop-in!)

Mon, Feb, 13 4-6pm at IKBLC Lilooet Room – Business Speakers (free)

Tues, Feb, 14 4-6pm at IKBLC Lilooet Room – Local Workshop (free)

Wed, Feb, 15 4-6pm at IKBLC Lilooet Room – National Panel (free)

Thurs, Feb, 16 Doors 6pm, Dinner 7pm at Thea Koerner Lounge – Global Banquet ($5)

Each evening will examine Sustainable Food and Food Security from a different perspective:

Monday: Business Case Behind Sustainable Food, IKB Lillooet Room, 4-6pm
– Annie Moss/Randy Hooper, founders of Discovery Organics and Chef Steve Golob from Place Vanier Residence will discuss the business case behind sustainable food and the cost and benefit of eating local, organic.

Tuesday: Local Food Workshop, IKB Lillooet Room, 4-6pm
– Sprouts will lead this hands-on approach to local and sustainable food on campus through food mapping and what they do at Sprouts.

Wednesday: National Food Security Panel Discussion, IKB Lillooet Room, 4-6pm
– An interdisciplinary panel of researchers, professors, and farmers will discuss Canadian food security issues in this interactive panel discussion. Panelists include: Dr. Andrew Riseman, Dr. Sean Smukler, Will Valley, Anelyse Weiler, Jim Vercammen, and Sophia Baker-French.

Thursday: Global Oxfam’s Hungry For Change Banquet, Thea’s Lounge, Doors at 6pm ($5)
– Join us for Oxfam’s most popular event, Hungry for Change, to experience global food security in this delicious and thought-provoking evening
– For information on where and how to get your ticket, please visit this event:
or go directly to the eventbrite page:

Presented in partnership between:
Common Energy UBC (
Oxfam UBC (
CUS Sustainability (

And with generous support by:
AMS Sustainability Fund (
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (
UBC Food Services (

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