End-of-Year Celebration

Wow! I cannot believe this year is already coming to a close. It certainly has been amazing!

We had our big-team end-of-the-year wrap up on Sunday which was a time to celebrate, make sweet CE t-shirts, and evaluate our accomplishments. Also, we finally snapped a shot of (a part of) our current team:

A quick recap of term 1:

This fall we had our most successful recruitment yet with our team growing to about 40 members over 5 teams. We were at the Imagine Main Event, boothed in the SUB for Clubs Week, hung out at Farmade, and talked with our friends about CE. At the end of September we had a huge Kick-Off event and built the teams for the year!

Challenges spent much of the fall planning for and running the Do It in the Dark competition for Place Vanier. With fun events, promotions, and boothing they managed to have UBC win overall with Vanier coming in 3rd for involvement. Totem came in 1st for energy reduction!

Dialogue ran the AMS Sustainability Coordinator workshops which gave the new sustainability coordinators the resources they needed to reduce their club’s ecological footprint. The team also co-organized a showing of “Wasteland” at the Global Lounge.

Education has been gearing up for the Sustainability Education Across the Province (SEAP) Programming which will kick-off in January. With Lunch & Learns for professors to connect and learn about sustainability education and the Sustainability Education Day, term 2 is sure to be incredible.

Food ran a series of movie nights to spark discussion about where we source our food. They also solidified plans for the cooking workshops set to take place in term 2!

Tangible Solutions ran the very successful compost mob (check out the video on our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CommonEnergyUBC?feature=mhee). Also, the team kicked off their series of DIY workshops entitled “UBC’s Got Skillz” with the Christmas Craft workshop. Again, a huge success and a great indication of the fun things to come in Term 2.

That is a brief overview of some of our accomplishments this term. Check back in coming weeks for a full list of ALL of our events in Term 1 and the dates for our Term 2 events!

And, may I add, a HUGE thank-you to each and every Common Energizer for their hard work and dedication to the team this term. It is amazing what we can accomplish when passionate young people come together for a great cause.

Happy Holidays!