Movie + Discussion night begin THIS week!

The Common Energy Dialogue and Food teams have partnered in presenting a documentary series for the next 4 weeks. Each showing will be Thursday 6:15-8:45 in the Global Lounge (Marine Drive Residence, bottom of building 1).
Please join us at the Global Lounge for thought-provoking, interesting, and informative documentaries followed by critical and constructive conversations. The schedule is as follows:
Thurs. Nov. 10, 6:15-8:45 – The Botany of Desire
Thurs. Nov. 17, 6:15-8:45 – The Cove
Thurs. Nov. 24, 6:15-8:45 – Wasteland 
Thurs. Dec. 1, 6:15-8:45 – TBD: Microbiology Themed
See you there!

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