Kudos to Common Energy’s Challenges and Dialogue teams!

Challenges Team: Doing it in the Dark!
Amy and Corina are co-coordinators of the Common Energy Challenges team which is helping to plan the Do It in the Dark energy competition in UBC’s Place Vanier residence. This all-star team was involved in the competition last year and are excited to share their passion and enthusiasm once again. The Challenges team, made up of several amazing individuals,  will be running tonnes of awesome events to reduce energy consumption while connecting students with the social media aspect of the competition, too! The upcoming events include Dine in the Dark, a Camp-Out, boothing, study ballroom, and many, many more. It is truly exciting to see communities on campus mobilizing around energy reduction and making a real, tangible difference.
Dialogue Team: Making clubs more sustainable!

Khushi and Kristin, the co-coordinators for Dialogue, ran two workshops last week to share sustainability strategies with AMS Club Sustainability Coordinators. The turn-out, conversations, and ideas were all incredible. The Global Lounge at UBC hosted the workshops and created a collaborative learning space in which experts from UBC Food Services and UBC Waste Management were able to share sustainability tips. Overall, these workshops fostered important dialogue between all clubs at UBC. Many thanks to the Common Energy Dialogue team!
Kudos to both team for already having accomplished so much in just four short weeks of meetings! I cannot wait to see what the year will hold.
Common Energy UBC

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