Next up for Common Energy

By next year, Common Energy UBC will have been around for half a decade. Considering how young of an organization we are, I am very proud of where we have come. Every year we learn something new about how we might be more effective as student activists at UBC, and every year we accomplish something different (and awesome) and work with a new set of amazing volunteers. As I step down from directorship, it is my honor to introduce next year’s leaders. They are quite the keen bunch, and I have no doubt they will carry on the torch expertly!

Director: Quinn Runkle

Assistant Director: Kyuwon Kim

Education Coordinator: Pani Pajouhesh

Challenges Co-Coordinators: Corina Santema and Amy Jiang

Tangible Solutions Coordinator: Rosalind Sadowski

Food Coordinator: Aaron Rusak

Dialogue Co-Coordinators: Kristin Sunde and Khushi Chachcha

There has been much brainstorming done and ambitious plans formulated for next year, including scaling up the Do It In The Dark residence energy competitions, engaging the sororities in sustainability issues, organizing a sustainability art event, reaching out to elementary and highschool students, starting cooking classes for students who want to learn how to feed themselves quickly, healthily, and sustainably, and much more…

I look forward to seeing what this troupe can do next year!

Peace and carrots,

Angela Willock